Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Hey guys! Went to Valencia this weekend with some of my friends, it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Breathtakingly beautiful. We spent most of our days at the beach, relaxing on the softest sand. Now normally if I was still back in New York and I even THOUGHT about going to a beach the first weekend of October, I'd 1) be called crazy and 2) probably freeze to death. But Valencia's coast is on the Mediterranean, and the water was so warm. I couldn't believe it was actually October and I was swimming. It was decently hot out too! I couldn't have asked for better weather. My best friend in the program, Christian, is from Missouri and had never been to a beach before. Being from Long Island, I forget how amazing beaches are and how fortunate I am to live so close to one, and it just made the experience that much better for me. Apart from the beach, the city itself is gorgeous. The buildings have an older feel, but there's so much modern architecture as well. There was this big white bridge by my hostel that looked so modern and cool, and there were also tons of beautiful fountains and things of the sort around the city. I highly suggest visiting if you guys come to Spain, it's definitely a great place to go.

At the hostel, we met a kid named Mica who's from the Netherlands. We wound up hanging out with him a lot and really getting to know him, and he was telling us all about where he lives. We actually just booked a trip to head over by him for a weekend, and to Belgium too, for the end of November. It's incredible how many cool people you meet in hostels!

Coolest sand castle I've EVER seen!
Church in the center of Valencia

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