Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer Wrap Up, Fall Beginnings

Nightime setting in- Alcala
La Sagrada Familia- Barcelona!
Streets of Madrid!
Palm Trees on the Beaches of Barcelona
Madrid Scenery =0)
It is August 30th, the first day of school here at Stony Brook University. I just thought I would write wrap up blog to my summer and time in Spain and also finally include a few pictures! It was an interesting transition coming back from Spain and not waking up in my host mom's apartment! It did help that my mom and two sisters visited for a week and a half after the program so I was able to show them around Spain while at the same time get used to being back home. I really enjoyed showing them Alcala, Madrid and Barcelona. I was surprised at how much Spanish I picked up, as I was the only translator and had to get us from place to place! I am so grateful for all of my experiences that I have had here in Spain. Starting new at Stony Brook, I am so happy to be able to speak English to my friends and get around with out any problems! I also have a newfound sympathy for our large population of International students. I give them so much credit for navigating around our large campus and, of course, the larger New York area. As the new semester unfolds I will never forget the unique, important experiences and lessons learned while I was away in Spain. I will try my best to explain to other students how valuable going abroad is, even if it is just to gain a new perspective to appreciate and bring back home. Thanks so much for reading, hope you enjoy some of the pictures =0) Good luck to all!
Courtney =0)

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